Friday, 26 June 2009

Trendz Cafe and Wine Bar

When: Friday, June 26th, 2009.
What: 1 piece fish and chips, $14+tax.

Trendz Cafe & Wine Bar is the restaurant inside the Best Western hotel in Burnside that opened late in 2008. I work in Burnside and have been to Trendz a few times for work lunches. It's a great restaurant and I've always had good experiences when there.

On this occasion the whole office went out to a goodbye lunch for a co-worker who was leaving for a new job. I hadn't planned on getting fish and chips but figured it would be worth a try.

I got one huge piece of haddock with oven roasted potato wedges, with two types of sauce. The white sauce was fresh tartar sauce, and I think the orange sauce was a spicy mayo. Both were delicious. The oven roasted potato wedges were fastastic, with some kind of spice mix sprinkled on top. Yummy!

The fish was great too. It was very fresh, and not cooked for too long. The batter was light and crisp, without any of that mushy dough you sometimes get.

I thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips at Trendz. It's a bit on the pricy side for lunch, but they have plenty of great items on the menu, including daily lunch specials. They also have a 10% off brunch special on weekends, which I  haven't had, but it might be a good way to start out before some shopping at Dartmouth Crossing.

I give Trendz 4 little fishies out of 5.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Willman's Fish and Chips

Where: Willman's Seafood, 5644 Kane Street, Halifax, NS.
When: Monday, June  15th, 2009.
What: Willman's Fish & Poutine Special, $8.95+tax

I had the day off and my friend Erica wanted to go out to eat. I had promissed  her one day we'd go have fish and chips someplace in town, so we stopped by Willman's Seafood in the Hydrostone area of Halifax's north end.

The fish and chips are just as great as they were last time I ate at Willman's. The staff there are so very friendly.

Willman's Fried Food
We admired their new sign while we ate!
365:347:Willman's Fish & Poutine Special

And stuffed our faces with fish, chips, and poutine! It was delicious. Handcut fries, lightly battered fresh haddock, and read cheese curds. We did have a choice between mozeralla and curds, and we made the right choice.

It's a lot of food, so if you are not super hungry you might want to share with a friend. I will definitely have this again next time I go to Willman's.

I give Willman's 5 little fishies out of 5.