About the reviewers

Melissa lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where most of the reviews are from. Originally from New Brunswick, Melissa tries to have fish and chips wherever she travels. She spends a lot of time knitting and playing with her cats. She also blogs at http://eastcoastknits.blogspot.com.

Wendy is a Canadian living in Stockholm, Sweden. Her reviews come from wherever she happens to get fish & chips, mostly in the Stockholm and Toronto (where she's from) area. She also writes about life in Sweden and her love for food @ http://messmor.wordpress.com.

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Anonymous said...

We love your Tasty Fish and Chips Blog!! Have you tried fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar?! Its difficult finding fresh and tasty fish and chips, and hope you will be stopping by our chippy one day for Fish and Chips in Newcastle UK =) Proper Tasty! Nom nom nom!