Friday, 22 March 2013

Canadian Living: Best Fish and Chips in Canada

You may have read a recent Canadian Living article about the best fish and chips in Canada, or heard about it on the news. I saw the story on the local CBC evening news and then everyone started telling me about it. I waited for the article to appear on the Canadian Living website before sharing it here.

Where to find the best fish and chips in Canada

There are only eight places across Canada listed in the article. It would have been nice if they had a found a fish and chips restaurant for every province and territory, though maybe that is a stretch. I think everyone has their favourite place anyway, right?

I'm not sure I agree that John's Lunch is the best in Canada, or even the province. Certainly they are a popular spot, but also known for their fried clams (I haven't tried them). Personally my favourite place in HRM is Willman's in the North End. I know there are more places I need to try, but I just can't get out much without a car (we all know public transit here isn't the greatest). 

What did you think of the article? Share your thoughts in the comments!