Thursday, 27 March 2008

William's Seafood: Photo Only Post

Where: William's Seafood Restaurant, Smythe Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick
When: Friday, March 21st, 2007 (Good Friday)
What: Medium Fish & Chips, $7.50

Despite some nasty weather, I made it out to the annual trip to William's Seafood on Good Friday. I'm not going to review it again, but thought I'd share a few pictures taken of the food, which I forgot last time. Happy Spring and Enjoy!

Where's the fish?
Medium fish & chips. Where's the fish?

My dad's seafood platter. Nom nom nom.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Celtic Corner: Saint Patrick's Day Edition

Where: Celtic Corner, 69 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth
When: Monday, March 17, 2008.
What: Two piece fish and chips, $8.95+tax

This Saint Patrick's Day edition of Tasty Fish & Chips is brought to you by Celtic Corner in Dartmouth, an annual favourite spot for anyone who wants to be Irish just for one day.

I arrived shortly after 5pm, and the place was already packed. A voluntary donation to the Autism Society of Nova Scotia was the only cover. I met my friends who hadn't found a table yet, but we hovered and took in the atmosphere for a while (maybe an hour). It was entertaining seeing all the different people there; the young and old alike were partying it up on this day. Eventually we found a small square table in a corner in a room separated from the main area. We piled out coats and bags on the floor under the table, and made friends with another couple who just wanted a place a place to stand and and put their drinks down. Unfortunately this table was in front of a bathroom, and we had to move frequently to let people in to empty their bladders.

We flagged down a waiter who took our orders, which were brought promptly. The set up was a bit confusing, as their was a waitress serving this room who told us she was supposed to be working the bar, and apparently we weren't supposed to even have food in that room. Thankfully they made an exception for us and the others in that room, and were very apologetic about it.

My friends Ann and Derrick ordered vegetarian nachos ($8.95) and fries with curry sauce ($4.95). I've never even seen curry and fries before, but I did try some of the sauce and it was a tasty, yellow, and spicy concoction.

I was very happy to be eating and got my friend to take a picture of me holding my fish and chips. Starving at this point, I didn't care that I had to stand up, or if the food wasn't perfect, I was just glad to be eating something.

The platter was advertised as being a two piece fish and chips, but mine came with three pieces the size of large chicken fingers. I was glad for this because I didn't feel like using cutlery at this point (does that make me a pig? oh well!)

Celtic Corner Fish & Chips
Three pieces of delicious fish and chips.

The batter had a nice golden colour to it, and the fish was moist and tasty. It wasn't very hot though and was a little mushy on the underside. The fries were not very crispy at all and had possibly been sitting a while. The coleslaw was ok, a bit watery, and I found the tartar sauce a bit too something, tangy maybe? Also, I was not offered ketchup or vinegar. All in all it wasn't bad. I know food should be good all the time, not matter what celebration is going on, but I would like to go back on a normal day and try it again.

The crowd
The crowd.

Overall we had a really good time, but it will be a long while before I go out to a crowded bar on a celebratory day to eat and have some drinks.

I give Celtic Corner 3.5 little fishies out of 5.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Freeman's Little New York

Where: Freeman's Little New York, 6092 Quinpool Road, Halifax
When: Friday, January 11th, 2008
What: Two piece fish & chips, $8.99+tax

I have to apologize for the delay in getting this up. Also, I'm sorry I haven't had many reviews these past few months. I guess I'm just not eating out as much anymore.

Unfortunately I lost my notes from this meal, so this will be short. I've never had the fish and chips at Freeman's in the restaurant before, but I have gotten them delivered about three times now. I like the seasoning on the fries. The fish is flavourful and crispy.

I'm sure it would be better to have it in the restaurant, but for delivery it's really not bad. You can always crisp it up in the oven or toaster oven if you like. The fries also make a good breakfast the next day.

Freeman's Little New York

I give Freeman's Little New York 3.5 little fishies out of 4.