Tuesday, 1 May 2007

William's Seafood

Where: William's Seafood Restaurant, Smythe Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick
When: April 7th, 2007 (Good Friday)
What: Medium Fish & Chips, $7.50

On Good Friday I went out for fish & chips with my parents for our 2nd annual visit to William's Seafood. This restaurant is located on the Exhibition Grounds in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick. It is a staple for fish and chips and the city, and Good Friday is known for being one of the busiest days of the year for the restaurant.

Their menu features a variety of seafood options, mostly fried. If you're not a fan of seafood, you can also get regular fast food items such as poutine, burgers, fries, but most of their menu is made up of fried fish and other seafood. Unlike many seafood restaurants which feature their fish and chips as either one or two pieces, William's has three sizes - small, medium, and large, with varying amounts of fries and fish. The medium came with a generous helping of fries, handcut in the restaurant, and four small pieces of fish.

William's Seafood

The fish here is excellent. Light and moist with a nice golden batter. The batter is never doughy and always crispy. The fries could have been cooked a little bit longer according to my mother, but personally I thought they were just fine. You don't really get a lot of extras at this restaurant, not coleslaw or homemade tartar sauce (just the Kraft packaged kind), but I really don't think anyone would complain.

William's Seafood is really a fast food style seafood restaurant. You order at the counter and then find yourself a seat (quickly, they fill up fast). When your order is ready someone will call it out to you, or bring it to your table. The staff is always fast and friendly. Add William's Seafood to your list of places of visit next time you're stopping by Fredericton!

I give William's Seafood 4.5 little fishies out of 5.


Anonymous said...

Fish & Chips are delicious!


Michael Read said...

Best fish and chips in North America!

Anonymous said...

Is this the old Frank's fish and chips? I remember this place as a kid, best I've ever had.

Melissa A. said...

No, William's is it's own institution! Frank's hasn't been the same since before the fire anyway. Used to be good though.

scott said...

It was Frank's before Williams
great food always went there as a kid

Anonymous said...

No, it was never Frank's. Frank's has always been on the northside, and primarily at that one main street location where it had at least three fires and rebuilds.

Anonymous said...

YES !!! William's Seafood on the Exhibition Grounds used to be called Franks Fish & Chips (late 1960's and 70's) before Franks moved across the river to Main Street, and now to their location on Two Nations Crossing (Franks Finer Diner). Different owners, not the same restaurant/food. William's has better fish and chips.

Jim said...

For those who want to know... The original Fish & Chips place was Franks... it was small and ran in the late 60's early 70's. Bill Dougherty bought Franks, and ran it as Franks expanded it and really made it something special. Then the original owner, opened "Franks FAMOUS Fish & Chips" on the north side, which was within his right but tooks some of the credit for the great work Bill had done. So Bill renovated, and renamed the place Williams... has it has been since the 80's. Some of the best reasonably priced fish and chips and fast food going... and no I'm not an employee... but I was when I went to university 20 years ago and it was one of the best jobs I ever had.

You can't go wrong with Williams Seafood... in fact I'm on my way there tonight and thats how I saw this listing! Cheers!

Melly said...

Thanks for the history lesson Jim! I am too young to have known the old Franks ;) I only remember Franks from the north side because I used to go there all the time (my school was next door).