Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spartan Restaurant

Where: Spartan Restaurant, 6403 Quinpool Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
When: Saturday, April 4th, 2009.
What: Three piece fish and chips, $6.95+tax.

Spartan Restaurant is a family owned diner located on Quinpool Road. It's a favourite spot for weekend breakfasts for the hungover crowd and hungry a like.

I went to the Spartan with my friend Leah one drizzly day back in April. The restaurant is not very big, but for seating it does feature booths and tables, or you can seat yourself at the counter.

Spartan Fish & Chips

For $6.95 you get a generous helping of fries and three pieces of fish. The fries are your standard frozen ones, and I found them really dry. The fish did have a nice flavour, but I also found it try, and the batter a bit too doughy in parts.

The Spartan is a quaint place to eat though. The staff are very friendly, and the food is cheap. I would suggest something else off the menu instead of the fish and chips though (I had a pan fried fish dish there once that was delicious).


I give Spartan Restaurant 2 little fishies out of 5.

Extra Notes:
  • Cash only.


Anonymous said...

If you're ever in the Miramichi area, try checking out Kate's Takeout. They're known for their fish and chips and have homemade tartar sauce.

Melissa A. said...

Hey thanks for the comment! My mom is actually from Miramichi, but I don't make it up there much these days.

witchypoo said...

Try Wharf Wraps in Eastern Passage. Fish to die for, chips okay. Also, see if all the hype is true about John's Lunch in Dartmouth. I wasn't overly impressed, but they have such volume, the fish is always fresh.
I didn't enjoy William's in Freddy.