Sunday, 4 July 2010

Heritage Fish & Chips, Milton, ON

Where: 840 Main Street, Milton, Ontario
When: 2 occasions during my vacation
What: halibut & chips (1st time) ½ halibut & chips (2nd time)

I was back in Canada for most of June and in that time I of course took the opportunity to indulge in some proper fish and chips.
Heritage Fish & Chips is a place by my parents' place. Apparently they're a franchise of sorts with 3 locations in Brampton and 1 in Milton. The thing that made me decide on going to this place was the fact that I heard their teapots come with tea cozies.
Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera and the camera on my cellphone is super crappy. Not to mention the fact that I don't have a way to get the pictures off my phone.
My first time, I went with friends of mine. Old fish & chips buddies. We used to go to the local fish & chips for lunch once a week when we were in high school.
I ordered a halibut & chips dinner. Dinner came with a side, I ordered mushy peas (did NOT appeal to me), and a drink. The halibut was a square piece, something I have never encountered before but it was DELICIOUS.
I went with my brother on the second occasion. I opted for the ½ halibut & chips. No side. But just as delicious as the first time.
Maybe it's the fact that I haven't had proper fish & chips for so long but this place as seriously good fish & chips. Not to mention the fact that when you order tea, they serve it in a proper tea pot that's in a cozy.
I'm giving this place 5 fishies out of 5.

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