Thursday, 19 January 2012

Queen's Fish & Chips

Where: Queen's Fish & Chips, 131 Queen St S, Mississauga (Streetsville), ON
When: Wednesday, December 28, 2011
What: Halibut and chips, $12 +tax

When I was in high school, I would go for fish & chips once a week with 2 of my friends. Queen's Fish & Chips was the local fish and chips place and they had a $5 special, choice of haddock or cod. My first fish and chips were eaten at Queen's Fish and Chips. After we finished our lunch, I often doodled with the ketchup 'cause they came in squeeze bottles.

Since my high school days, more than 10 years ago, Queen's Fish & chips have changed owners on more than one occasion. At one point, Caz's Great Fish took over and changed the name but now it's back to Queen's Fish & Chips.

On our recent Canadian visit, I met up with my 2 previous partners-in-crime for fish and chips. The interior is the same as I remember it. In fact, the chairs are the same chairs from when we were in high school. They still write their specials and deals on brightly coloured bristol board.
Fredrik and I each got halibut and chips with a pop. They still have lunch specials but I forgot how much those are. They weren't so far off from the old $5 price tag.

The fish was beer battered and crispy as always. The chips were a bit lacking but I usually focus on the fish. The ketchup was still in squeeze bottles. I didn't doodle with them as I once did.

It wasn't the best fish and chips experience but it certainly wasn't the worst either. Perhaps it
's the nostalgia but I'm going to give Queen's Fish & Chips 4 wee fishies out of 5.

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