Friday, 9 March 2007

Phil's Seafood

Phil's Seafood Menu

Where: Phil’s Seafood, 6285 Quinpool Road, Halifax NS
When: Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
What: Two piece fish & chips, $7.95+tax

I stopped by Phil’s Seafood with my good friend Rhia this past Wednesday. It was freezing out, I had a bad headache and was all drugged up on pain killers, so I'm not sure how accurate my recollections of the food are. In any event, here is my first official fish & chips review.

Phil's Seafood Two Piece

We each ordered the two piece fish and chips which came garnished with coleslaw and a lemon wedge. The fish pieces were generous and the fries handcut. The fish batter was very crispy as they use breadcrumbs which I liked, the fish was fresh and moist. I didn’t find the batter very flavourful though, but the fish was good and hot. Disappointing were the fries. They weren't very crispy and not as plentiful as I've seen elsewhere. On the other hand, there's nothing worse than having so many fries on the plate that you can't eat them all!

Extras on table were ketchup, white vinegar, salt, pepper, and homemade tartar sauce. I don't actually like tartar sauce or coleslaw so I can't comment on those. Overall it was pretty good, but if I go back I'll probably have something else on their menu.

I give Phil's Seafood four little fishies out of five.

Phil's Seafood Done

Tonight I'm going out to Cole Harbour to stay over at a friend's house. Lets see if I can convince her to go out for fish & chips. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Deano said...

I've always had good experiences at Phil's until today. While waiting for them to seat our large party at lunch (7 of us), we took a couple menus from beside their cash. Two of us selected the Clam Strips with Fries for 6.95. When the bill came, they charged us 12.00 or so for them. I asked our waitress why there was a price difference. She took the menu from me and said it wasn't their menu. I turned to the front cover where there was their logo.

Apparently what happened was they printed their other restaurant's menu with the wrong cover. The lady told us we received Whole Clams, not strips (which is debatable looking at the left overs), offered no apology, and did not offer to make the situation right. It's very unfortunate that they'd be so willing to turn-off a customer over their own mistake.