Friday, 20 July 2007

D'arcy McGee's

Where: D'arcy McGee's, 44 Sparks Street, Ottawa
When: Tuesday, July 3rd 2007
What: Two piece fish & chips, $12+tax

For my birthday meal (the 4th of July), Rémi and I went to Darcy McGee's on Sparks Street in Ottawa. This pub was recommended by an old school friend who lives there. Named after the Canadian journalist and father of confederation who was assassinated in 1868, D'arcy McGee's pub features an extensive food and drink menu. From the "Irish Favourites" menu we both ordered Finnegan's Fry, which is described as "two pieces of lightly battered haddock, served with vegetable slaw, Dungloe sauce and fries seasoned with sea salt" (Rémi substituted his fries for poutine, of course).

D'Arcy McGee's

After our first fish and chips experience in Ottawa, I was worried the second place would be a bust too. I was pleasantly surprised at the fish and chips here though. In fact, we both felt the fish here was excellent. A nice light and crispy batter that was not greasy at all. The fries were very crisp as well, and hand cut. The portions were definitely a good size. I'm not sure if Dungloe sauce is the same as tartar sauce, but it was delicious either way. Also delicious was the vegetable slaw, a nice alternative to coleslaw, which I find usually mushy and bland.

Vintage whiskey advertisements.

Finnegan's Fry.

Chocolate Volcano
Chocolate volcano - my birthday dessert.

For dessert we "shared" a chocolate volcano. The waiter brought it to our table and I said "Uh...I didn't order dessert!" but it was my birthday surprise! I turned the big two-eight on July 4th and this was Rémi's gift to me. I managed to have room enough to eat most of this all on my own and it was delicious. Warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce on the inside, and served with vanilla ice cream. Best birthday dessert ever!

Personally I felt the service was good, but Rémi did remark that we waited a long time between our drink order and food order. The waiter also took a long time to bring the dessert. From where we sat I couldn't tell how busy it was, but considering it was Ottawa a few days after Canada Day, it was probably fairly busy. I didn't think the guy was friendly enough either, but honestly, I was so tired and hungry from a full day, I don't think I cared much!

Overall I thought this was a great place to eat. Their whole menu looked interesting and appetizing, so if fish and chips is not your thing, I'm sure you can find something you'd like! I recommend it to anyone visiting or living in Ottawa. Great fish & chips, lots of beer to chose from, awesome dessert, and an interesting story to learn about D'arcy McGee.

I give D'arcy McGee's 4.5 little fishies out of 5.


Other news: I had all four wisdom teeth out a week ago, and had my first solid type food today (french fries). I can't stop thinking about fish and chips! Hopefully soon I'll feel well enough to go out and review some more local fish & chips.

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