Monday, 9 July 2007

The Aulde Dubliner

Where: The Aulde Dubliner, 62 William Street, Ottawa
When: Sunday, July 1st 2007 (Canada Day!)
What: One piece fish & chips, $14+tax

On a recent trip to our nation's capital for Canada day, I visited some local pubs to try out the fish and chips on the mainland. My first stop was The Aulde Dubliner on William Street. My friend Rémi and I got a table for two overlooking the streets below, full of people enjoying the festivities.

Aulde DublinerIMG_4790

The pub had a special Canada Day menu and you could only order off this menu. There were a variety of domestic and imported beers to chose from as well. We each got the fish and chips and a beer (Stella for him, Smithwick's for me, which I forgot I don't like). There was a band playing covers of Canadian tunes, and the service was fairly fast. However, the service was not friendly. Our server was very quick with us and didn't take the time to explain the limited menu first. She also didn't seem to be concerned that Rémi wasn't given any tartar sauce. Rémi was turned off by the limited menu (he likes to substitute poutine for fries when he can). I was turned off by the price for only one piece of fish and wondered if they jacked up the price for Canada Day (their regular menu shows 2 pieces for $13, so looks like I was right).

Aulde Dubliner Pub

When the fish and chips arrived they were practically dripping with grease. You can't tell from the photo, since this was taken just after they arrived, but things got mushy and messy fast. The fish, though quite a large piece, was tough in some places, and the fries were cold and not crispy. The tartar sauce didn't taste fresh or homemade. We were at least provided with two kinds of vinegar, both malt and white, along with ketchup, but other than that, there really wasn't anything special about this place.

We both found our server to be not at all pleasant, the food overpriced and greasey. Plus the server charged me the full total of the meal on my credit card, and not half like she was supposed to (my friend payed for half with his debit card, I didn't discover the error until I got back to Halifax). I'm still trying to get the credit card issue resolved, but regardless, I wasn't planning to give this place a good review anyway.

Rémi and I give The Aulde Dubliner 2 little fishies out of 5 ("Only because they had a band" - Rémi).

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