Monday, 21 April 2008

Willman's Fish and Chips

Where: Willman's Fish and Chips, 5644 Kane Street, Halifax, NS
When: Sunday, April 20, 2008.
What: Two piece fish & chips.
Willman's Fish and Chips (also known as Willman's Fried Food) is a very popular restaurant in the Hydrostone area of North End Halifax. I say it's popular, but is also unknown by almost everyone I know, probably due to it's tucked away location. In my mind it is a place for everyone who loves fish and chips to check out.
The staff are very friendly. You could almost say flirty! There is a small dining area in the restaurant, where another woman was sitting. She said it was her first time too. We each ordered the two piece fish and chips, though there are plenty of other items on the menu.

Willman's Fish & Chips

Arriving back at my apartment and I cracked open a couple of Corona's for myself and my friend. We ate our food while watching "Everything's Gone Green".
I really enjoyed the fish. The batter was flavourful and the fish was moist and fresh tasting. The fries were handcut, as you can see in the below picture. Of course by the time we got home the fries weren't hot so they didn't maintain their crispiness, but I can only assume they would be crispy if you ate in the restaurant. Neither the fish or fries were greasy or mushy anyway.
Willman's Fish & Chips
I can't wait to go back on a sunny day this summer and try the poutine, which I hear is huge but delicious.
I give Willman's Fish & Chips 4.5 little fishies out of 5.


Josh said...

You're inspiring me. I might copycat you and start something like this for poooouuuutine.

I don't think my arteries will agree with that though.

Melissa A. said...

Get your friends to write reviews too, or just don't have it every week.

Tina said...

mmmmm it was good :D

APK said...

a beautiful angel named kaylee made the most wonderful garlic fingers for me. i wish they were her fingers covered in garlic, but they were the next best thing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great tips and pics. Much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! My parents used to take us there for fish and chips from 1959 to 1961 when Dad was on a ship in the navy. It was a special treat when his ship got back into port.
And the same location! I have not been back to Halifax since then and had pretty much given up on going back there since my wife has no interest but know I have an incentive!
Great news.

jerryblizzard said...

Its not to bad, but when the wilmans ran it , the fish n chips were the absolute best around, its sure not the same as it was back then.

jerryblizzard said...
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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why they are operating out of a chip truck across the street?

Patti S. said...

Renovations to the restaurant will see it closed for some months. Kindly, they've set up a chip truck to keep the clientele fed.

Anonymous said...

Sept, 28, 2011, We went to Willmans to have Fish and chips are all the Renovations were complete and they were open again,,, we had been told that when they re-opened theywould be having the same old menu that Willmans used to have,, well the Fish tasted tough, even might have been forzen, certainly was not flakey or tasted fresh, the fries were frozen, and nothing like Willams used to serve at all,,, did not like it.. do hope they improve the taste , a lot of fish and chip lovers will be disappointed as we were having ate there when Willmans ran it,,, thankyou..Fish lover

Anonymous said...

i used to go there all the time while growing up 70's-80's, place was AWESOME !!!!! ...... until a few years back, when the Lebs bought it ......... place has been horrid since ..... if you think it is good .... you dont know the place in its hey day !!!!!