Monday, 26 May 2008

Havfruens Hemmelighet

When: Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
What: Two piece fish & chips, 119 nok ($23.73 cnd)

Despite the fact that everyone told me you can't get fish and chips in Norway like you can in the UK (or Canada) I couldn't go all the way over there and not at least try some! Now, to be fair, I did eat lots of other fish.

The chosen place was recommended to me by someone on the internet somewhere. I forget who now. Anyway, me and the friend I went to visit in Norway where in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. We did see some fish and chip trucks at the fish market, but they were over priced and the quality was questionable. In Bryggen, an area of Bergen with really old wooden buildings from the Hanseatic period, there are a lot of restaurants, but the fish and chips were also over priced. So we decided to visit the place that had been recommended to me. Luckily my friend knew how to get there.

Havfruenes Hemmeligheter is, according to their website, one of the most famous fish restaurants in Bergen! It's a combination of restaurant, fish shop, and smoke house, all under the same roof. When you first walk in, the fish counter is on the left and then you order your food. It was interesting to sit down to eat and be able to look at fresh fish at the same time. On the wall there was a poster with the names and pictures of different types of fish you can eat in Norway.

The dining area at Havfruenes (or Mermaids) was more dressed up than I expected for a place serving fish and chips (probably just what I am used to in Canada). However, the atmosphere was still very casual. There were only two other people there aside from us, but people kept coming in for take-out or to order from the fish shop.

My friend and I each ordered the fish and chips. Ok, well my friend ordered for me in Norwegian. Our food arrived promptly and looked delicious!

Havfruens Hemmelighet

As you can see the fries are not hand cut, however they were hot and crispy. The cod was fresh and tasty in a bread crumb batter (I actually didn't know it was cod until my friend asked our server). I really liked it. The slaw was nice and fresh. Though due to the shape of the plate, there was some liquid from the slaw that collected right under the fires. It was a constant battle to keep the fries out of the liquid, so I ate those up pretty fast.

Overall it was a good experience. Better than I expected based on the comments I received from people who basically told me not to bother with fish and chips (don't worry, I tried fish cakes too!)

Havfruens Hemmelighet

I give Havfruenes Hemmeligheter 4 little fishies out of 5.


Bertha said...

Oh man, that looks so good! My favorite kind of fried fish is that breadcrumb style, rather than batter style (and it seems really hard to find!) AND my favorite kind of fries are krinkle-cut! Maybe I'll get fish and chips sometime this weekend.

Melissa A. said...

See, I like fresh cut better myself. I know of at least one place in Halifax that has bread crumb fish. You should write a review! It's easy! :P

Anonymous said...

24 dollars for the smallest, worst looking fish and chips in the universe? And you give them a 4/5? I think you're a little too soft to be a "food critic".

Melissa A. said...

I really don't consider myself a food critic. It's just a fun hobby. Despite the picture, the food was good. Better than I expected for a country that isn't known for fish and chips.

Bergenser said...

To Anonymous:
$24 is not a bad price for a meal at a good restaurant in Norway. You might get away with half for a kebab take away though.

Bergenser said...

Oh and thanks to Melissa for providing me a link to Havfruenes hemmeligheter. Looking for their opening hours as I am going to have a meal there soon :) Yum.