Monday, 16 June 2008

Split Crow

Where: Split Crow, 1855 Granville Street, Halifax, NS
When: Friday, June 13th, 2008
What: Two piece fish and chips, $9.49 + tax

On Friday the 13th (spooky!) I headed downtown to the Split Crow for my friend Simon's birthday. I ordered right away the two piece fish and chips. I remembered having this some years ago and was anticipating it to be as good as it was back then.

To go with my meal, I ordered John Shippey's Amber Red (they didn't have Clancy's). It was alright, but not something I'd order again.

John Shippey's Amber Red

The fish and chips came next. They looked good enough, but didn't live up to my memory. Everything was nice and hot, but dripping with grease. Since I wasn't given cutlery or a napkin, I had to "borrow" one from a friend. I really liked the fries. They were hand cut and crispy. I really liked the tartar sauce as well. The fish though, the fish really was not great. Mushy, soggy, and really not very tasty.

Split Crow Fish n' Chips

It was also cold as heck out on the balcony, so we finished our second beers and left for a warmer hangout spot.

I give the Split Crow 2 little fishies out of 5.


Tina said...

yeah. too bad it was so mushy. bleh.

Anonymous said...

Have u tried the fish and chips in Eastern Passage at Wharf Wraps??? some say they r the best...a bit expensive..but u get alot!!!