Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Deluxe Fish and Chips

Where: Deluxe Fish & Chips, 964 Prospect Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick.
When: Friday, December 26th, 2008.
What: Two piece fish & Chips.

I spent the holidays with my family in New Brunswick, as I do every year. On Boxing Day I drove into town to visit my sister and her two boys. I was starving and proposed we go out to eat and I really wanted fish and chips.

Unlike in other places, Boxing Day in New Brunswick is actually a holiday. Very little is open, not even most fast food restaurants. Knowing this, we did check out William's at the exhibition grounds, but of course it was closed.

So, we did the unthinkable; we drove uptown to Deluxe Fish and Chips. It was open, when pretty much everything else on Prospect Street was closed. There seemed to be only two staff working that day, so service was quite slow.

Once we got our food we went back to my sister's place to eat supper and watch a movie.


I really was not impressed with the food at all. I will say that this was the worst fish and chips I've ever had. I'm not surprised really since I remember them being terrible as a child also. The fish was overcooked, mushy, and totally flavourless. I might as well have been eating glue. The fries just look like discards, short, little stubby things. I like real fries, long ones, fresh ones! These were rubbery, tasteless things.

Honestly I'm surprised why this place still exists. Their food has never been good in my opinion, but maybe they have some nice things on their menu. Maybe people just don't know any better. I really don't know. I guess I just had to eat their once again to remind myself that decent fish and chips does exist out there.

I give Deluxe Fish & Chips 1 litle fishy out of five.


Bertha said...

You'd think that a restaurant with the words "Fish and Chips" in it's NAME would have good fish and chips! DELUX fish and chips even!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly enough that is one of the things I miss about NB. That which you call mushy, I call creamy and wondrous and since they have been in business for over fifty years I may not be the only person who feels this way. I will most times have fried clams when at deluxe but the fish to me is just as tasty.
Out in the west their big into "light" batter. Definitely something I look for in my fast food "Light" hamburgers, light KFC, light pizza, and light chicken wings;). I miss dark creamy fish batter, dried seaweed, curly top ferns, summer savoury dressing and chicken bones. But I really dont miss carrying groceries up that symthe street hill.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It's too bad you had a negative experience at Deluxe Fish & Chips. My first thought when I read your story as, "oh no...they brought it home to eat instead of eating it right at the restaurant." I must say, to me, it's a completely different experience. Most times, the fish is very tender on the inside, crispy on the outside...yummy! And the fries are fresh cut and when piping hot, some of the best in the city. You may want to give them a second chance, but my advice would be to eat at the restaurant when the food is piping hot. I've brought it home before too it's like night and day.

Melissa A. said...

Anonymous - I never liked Deluxe, even growing up. I'd be willing to try them again, but I don't know why I'd bother.

hatesdeluxe said...

If you are looking for attention or to meet God, the go to Drip greasy Deluxe...yuckkkk...Only someone without a brain with put that in their mouths grossss

hatesdeluxe said...

Oops lots of typos...but Deluxe will kill ya quicker! It's simply discusting! Oil squirts in your mouth with one bite from their fish...fries are chewy and like eating plastic yuckkkk...good luck with your heart attack!

Anonymous said...

For hard overcooked fish without proper batter... amazing they are still in business.... however, their new crumb based batter fixes the hard fish, squirting grease batter issue!

Before the newer batter - 3 out of 10
New crumb based batter - 8 out of 10

Anonymous said...

Never never never drive home with your deluxe fish and chips.

Also their fries are the freshest I know of in NB. You can see them put potato in the cutter, and deep fry the pieces. Nothing frozen, and I've always had my fries hot and fresh.

If your going to criticize a restaurant about not being fresh, shouldn't you eat when the food before it sits in a brown bag for 10 minutes?

Melissa A said...

Thanks for stopping by! To address some of your concerns:

1. I've had take out fish and chips from other places and they were fine.

2. I've never liked Deluxe, even as a kid.

3. It was Boxing Day and I was witj my sister and her kids. We didn't want to eat at tbe restaurant.

Melissa A said...
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Anonymous said...

As an employee of this company I have to say, the owners, Paul and Robert, are the WORST business owners EVER!!! They do not care at all about their customers or their employees. They are running this company into the ground all for an extra buck. Their father built this company knowing how to please both his customers and his employees and now Paul and Robert have destryoed everything he worked for. I enjoy my job and I love the customers, that is why I continue to work there, however, it is terribly frustrating to see these guys focusing on their own pockets instead of what is really important. They know nothing about customer service and what customers want, they treat all their employees like garbage, they keep increasing their prices while wages never increase, they dont support any staff functions or offer any kind of bonus or incentives at all. I feel so bad for the original owner, he worked so hard to build a good name and now Paul and Robert have destroyed all that just for buck.

Shame on you both,