Sunday, 24 January 2010

Half Way Inn, Stockholm, Swe

Where: Swedenborgsgatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden
When: January 11, 2010
What: fish & chips, 125 kr (including taxes)

fish'n'chips from Half Way Inn (Stockholm)

I had wanted to get fish and chips at Southside Pub at Zinkensdamm but they weren't open till 4 and Fredrik and I were really hungry. The Half Way Inn is the first pub we found after circling the streets trying to avoid Hornsgatan.

The fish is... I really have no idea what kind but it was good. It's not the proper fish'n'chips batter but the Swedish fish'n'chips bread crumb coating. The yellow mush is curry flavoured tartar? sauce. I ate my fish with ketchup. Didn't get into the curry flavoured mystery mush.

I'm not saying that the fish was bad or anything but it just doesn't satisfy that need for proper fish'n'chips. The fish was actually quite good and would've been great if I was craving for a piece of fried fish. But alas, I wanted proper fish'n'chips.

Half Way Inn gets a 3 out of 5 fishes.

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Melissa A. said...

The fish does sound tasty. I think I might like the curry sauce with the chips as we have a few places around here that do that.