Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Milton Fish & Chips

Where: Milton Fish & Chips
When: July 27th, 2012
What: Lunch special - haddock and chips

My dad and I took my brother out for lunch at Milton Fish & Chips. (My little brother is doing a summer co-op at a local computer store.)

We all got the lunch special ($6.85) which was haddock with chips. It's not a big place like Heritage Fish & Chips but I would say that their fish and chips are better. The vibe of this place is "hole in the wall".

Milton Fish & Chips

It seems to be a popular lunch place 'cause when we got there (around 1 o'clock), nearly all the tables were occupied and the chef was frying away.

haddock lunch special
Melissa says that the piece of fish could be a country. I agree.

The fish was really nice. It tasted really fresh and the batter was crisp and not too thick (pictured below). I like it when the batter isn't too thick. I used to "unbatter" my fish half way 'cause I have a grease "threshold". The chips were standard chips. They were more done than those at Heritage. I was happy that they had the PC Condiments tartar sauce.


I would like to go back and have their halibut and chips in the near future. There's one more fish & chips shop in Milton that I haven't gone to. If I were to choose between this place and Heritage Fish & Chips for lunch, I would pick this place.

I give the lunch special at Milton Fish & Chips 4 wee fishies out of 5.


Melissa A said...

Mmm. Haha you quoted me! It sort of looks like Newfoundland maybe?

I need to post some reviews but I didn't write things down.

souvenir kattunge said...

I thought it looked like Newfoundland as well but then I looked up what Newfoundland looked like and it looked nothing like it. Oh well.