Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic fish truck

Where: Chip truck by Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
When: Wednesday, July 10, 2013.
What: Two piece fish and chips, $8.50, taxes incl.

Today I was really good and brought my lunch from home. I even had a big salad that I was really looking forward to eat, but then when I got to work I realized I forgot the home made vinaigrette at home. Salad without salad dressing is just boring. I don't like vegetables that much, you know?

Since I'm working a new job down town I decided to check out a fish and chips truck near my work. This truck has been around for many years and is always parked outside the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, at least during warm weather.

It was cold and overcast today and there was no line-up when I arrived at the truck at a little bit past 1pm. I checked out the menu on the front of the truck, and decided on a two piece fish and chips, since I was very hungry.

A man opened the order window to take my order. He was very friendly and even  made a joke with me. I didn't have to wait very long for my order; maybe five minutes. The truck is fairly small, but there is a counter on the side, to the left of the ordering window, where you can pick up your food. Also on this counter are some condiments: ketchup, white and malt vinegar, and salt. While I was waiting the lady working there asked me if I wanted tartar sauce and if I needed my order to go or not. She also offered me packets up ketchup but I opted to just squirt some on my fries once she handed me my order.

I decided to eat back at my office since it wasn't very nice outside. I took a photo as soon as I sat down and that is what you see above. The fish looked very nice and there were a lot of fries! I didn't find the batter very crispy, but that may have been because I carried it back to my office in a styrofoam container. But I could tell that it light and not doughy like you sometimes fine. The fish inside was very fresh, with a nice flakiness to it and not over cooked.

I liked that you get a big pile of hand cut fries too. Again, I think the fries would have been better if I had eaten them there at the site, rather than bring them back to my desk. Styrofoam has a way of steaming the food inside, making it slightly mushy. I did eat both pieces of fish and almost all of the fries though. I don't particularly care for the Kraft tartar sauce, so I don't know why I even took some. I guess I forgot what it tastes like. Plenty of people like the Kraft tartar sauce though, and I wasn't expecting the home made kind anyway.

I would visit this truck again, perhaps on a sunny day to get the fish a second time or maybe try the poutine.

I give this fish truck 2.5 little fishies out of 5.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I hope you find more fish and chips to write about. :)