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True North Diner

Where: True North Diner, 1658 Bedford Highway, Bedford, NS
When: Saturday, August 14, 2010
What: Fish and Chips 1 or 2 pc, $7.95 / $9.95

Last summer I went to True North Diner in Bedford with a couple of friends. I had heard a few things about the restaurant and seen the commercials on tv. One person on Twitter said it wasn't worth the trip, but we decided to go anyway to make up our own minds.

True North Diner markets itself as a 1950's style diner offering home-style meals, including fresh baked pies and cakes! Their main menu (including all day breakfast), as well as brunch and catering menus can be viewed on their website.
My creation
Inside True North Diner
Where the diner is now used to be a Ponderosa, which is before my time in Halifax I do believe. The decor does have that 1950's feel with the red and white vinyl seating. The restaurant was fairly busy on this Saturday evening. My friends and I ordered our meals and drinks.

True North Diner
Chocolate milk shake and creamsicle float. 
Service was fast and friendly so we didn't wait long for our food. My fish and chips came on a platter with a big pile of hand cut fries and a cup of coleslaw on the side. I wasn't terribly impressed with the fish at this restaurant. The batter was pretty bland but still crispy. In fact the fish itself didn't taste like fish. I know haddock has a more mild taste than some other fish, but I still expect it to taste like something, you know? The shredded vegetables in the coleslaw did not seem very fresh to me either. Perhaps they get their coleslaw mix from a bag instead of shredding up their own vegetables. I rarely ever eat the coleslaw that comes with my fish and chips because most places do not make it very well. 
Aside from the tartar sauce and ketchup, there was no vinegar on the table and I was not offered any either. I often forget to ask for vinegar because I'm not someone who needs it for my fries, but I know for some vinegar is a must.
True North Diner
My friends seemed to like their meals, and I loved my root beer float. If I found myself at this place again I wouldn't bother with the fish and chips. The menu has many other items to try, with prices that are affordable. If I hadn't been so full I would have had a piece of pie, but maybe next time! One more thing to add, we all ordered waters that never came. Our waitress even remembered once that she forgot them but still didn't show up at our table with the waters. Since we didn't order dessert we didn't bother to mention the waters again, just paid and left.

I give True North Diner 2 little fishies out of 5.

A special thanks to my friend Shelley for lending me her camera to take photos for this post.

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